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Its time you changed your perception of Golds Gym. Weve spent over years defining fitness and now were reinventing it. With personal fitness profiles, backed by D scanning technology, both traditional and digital personal training options and new studio offerings that go past a class; Golds Gym has evolved so you can transform your life.For more information about our gyms, like amenities and membership costs,find a gym near you.

We pioneered the industry in . Now were redefining it.

We pioneered the industry in . Now were redefining it.

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goldsGolds Are Back!

Enough of the measuring though, yesterday morning I was able to get out and shoot some groups.

Conditions were a bit foggy, enough to cause some degree of difficulty in aiming on a few shots. And because it was only about degrees out and I was shooting kind of st, I had some mirage coming off the barrel and suppressor.

Many . shooters have long considered the gr. Gold that Todd Kindler of the Woodchuck Den used to make as the bullet for coyote with large capacity .s.  The combination of high BC, accuracy and terminal performance on coyote may be unmatched.  My . Predator, which has been my main squeeze on stand since I had it built over a dozen years ago, was built around the gr. Gold. And I have had great success with that rifle and the Gold on coyote over the years, accounting for over coyote killed.

I shot the groups off of a folding le, not a solid concrete bench. After many years shooting off this le Im confident that I can shoot consistently almost as good off of it as a solid bench. But, in truth, it really is only almost as good. A solid bench likely would have sucked the groups up just a tiny bit.

Note too, that for each dimension I measured, the new Golds have more variation, especially in weight and ogive length.

I chose just ten random bullets from my box of old stock WCD Golds and ten bullets from the new box of Texas Golds. As you can see in the chart above, the new Golds weigh about . grain more than the old ones. And the ogives are about . longer. And, the diameter is about . smaller than the old ones too.

I shot only two, five shot groups of each bullet. Alternating, first WCD, then Texas, WCD and Texas. As you can see, the old WCD Golds turned in groups of . and ., for a . average. The Texas Golds turned in groups of . and . for a . average.  The old . Predator is barely hanging on to / MOA by the skin of its teeth

Thanks for the report on your testing Dave.I will surely call and order some.

Great write up Dave. Good to see the Golds are back. Ive only got a couple boxes of the Kindler left for my Tactical. I will definitely be placing an order.

Good writeup Dave. I am looking forward to trying a grain bullet in my hh. Thanks for the insights. Burt

The . caliber Gold bullet from the Woodchuck Den has been considered the best . caliber coyote bullet made. But they have not been available for several years. Now, a new maker is using the same dies and the same jackets. I compare the new Golds to the old Golds to see how they measure and shoot.

To order these new Golds, give Montana a call at .  He ships st!  He has other weight Golds besides the s and says hell have .s online soon as well.  If there is a particular . caliber bullet you wish you could have, it might be worth putting a bug in his ear.  I did grin.

The day the new bullets arrived I sat down to compare the new Golds to the old Woodchuck Den Golds. I noted some differences in ogive length, weight and diameter. See chart below for details.

I wasnt sure what to call the new Golds. Because the maker is in Texas, I started calling them Texas Golds. But when the bullets arrived, the sender was listed as Montana Mize. So I thought maybe they should be called Montana Golds?  I asked Montana what he calls them.  He said that the name Texas Golds seems to have stuck, so Texas Golds it is!

For test loads I used the same lot of brass, primers and powder and loaded up the Texas Golds and some of the old Golds with the same load I have been using since the rifle was new. Because the ogives of the new Golds are . longer than the old Golds I have, to keep the relationship to the lands the same, I adjusted the seating die . deeper on the new Golds. Comparator measurements of the two after loading are within . of each other.

Slow coyote calling this time of year!

More shooting would certainly be more definitive. Ill leave it up to you the reader to draw your own conclusions, or lack of conclusion. Ive made mine.

Speaking of coyote hunting Thats another test, for another day. How well will these new Texas Golds kill, compared to the old ones. Personally, given that I know they are made from the same jackets, core material and from the same dies, I am highly confident that theyll kill just the same. Ill report back on that, when Ive killed enough coyote with them to form a solid conclusion but Im expecting them to perform superbly on called coyote, just like the originals.

Do they shoot good enough? For coyote hunting, Id certainly say so. And, lets not forget, this is a new bullet maker. What I see in the dimensional and group data, is room for improvement.  After talking to Montana again this morning, it sounds like he was already way ahead of me on this he mentioned tightening up his process and dimensions before I even brought it up. Im betting any bullets he ships today, are even better than the ones tested here.  Ill be buying more of them, for sure.

Montana is a good friend and he is truly trying to build a better product for us all. Hes in this for the long haul.

Sounds good Burt. I think Montana mentioned he was going to be working with the s in a .HH himself. I might have to give them a try in my Mach IV.

Good information Dave! I look forward to seeing how they do on coyotes!

Thanks! And yup, the twist is good for the s.

The Nagels are some great bullets too. Kill coyote very well!

Frankly, given the variations in ogive, weight and diameter measured, I didnt expect them to shoot as well as the old ones. But they shot pretty well, just the same.

Thanks Chad! Happy to see you stopping by, appreciate the comment!

My pleasure Matt! Just hope I can get a few coyotes with them before I hang it up for the season.

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The chrony data was interesting, as the new bullets averaged fps slower than the old ones. The differences in weight and diameter perhaps?

Excellent information and article. You have really helped Montana with your evaluations to improve his process and quality of future bullets which will help all of us.

So, I tell you all of this in order to empha that these groups should not be construed in any way, shape or form, as an attempt to find the accuracy potential of these bullets. I am absolutely certain that a more accurate rifle, a better group shooter, a more solid bench will yield smaller groups.  Im not a bench rest shooter and my . Predator is a sporter weight hunting rifle, not a benchrest rifle.

Montana Mize, of Hamilton, Texas now owns the original dies, along with a good supply of the long . J jackets needed to make the Golds and is in full production.  Note Montana is not the guy who originally bought the dies from Todd Kindler.  So, what you may have heard about the guy that bought them originally, does not apply to the new owner!

A couple more things worth mentioning. The new Golds had the same POI as the old ones a good thing if I want to switch between them. Also, after shooting the groups, I strapped the Magnetospeed on and ran four rounds of each bullet for chrony data. The eight shots formed a nice round group measuring ., not too shabby and again showing exactly the same POI.

Me too Eric! Thanks for stopping by, appreciate it!

Im also very interested in the .s too. A grain hollow point with a good B.C will be great for my . Ruger.

Until, that is, just a few weeks ago. The dies along with a supply of J jackets of the correct length for the Golds are back in production and the Gold is available again!

In the process of loading my last WD BTs over grains of Varget in the . Remington.

Two groups of each, honestly, isnt enough data to prove anything. But, with this rifle, since new, I have striven to keep punching and load work to an absolute minimum. After a little bit of load work when new, this rifle has scarcely touched in the years since, except for very occasional zero checks. Its for killing coyote, plain pure and . The barrel life on a hot rod like the . Predator is short. I intend that when this barrel is done, its short life will have been well lived, devoted to killing coyote. This one has . erosion already and definitely isnt as accurate as it once was.

I have never been a really good group shooter either. Competent, but no more than competent.

Id like to see a really sleek, tough, gr. boat tail in . caliber. Something to kill coyote as well or better than the Berger but with much better BC!

The only thing I was trying to find out, was how these bullets shoot compared to the old bullets, in this particular hunting rifle. Using the exact same load. Nothing more!

So, as I said, I was only interested in seeing how the new bullets shot, with the exact same load, compared to the new ones. In this short test, they didnt shoot quite as good.  But pretty close!

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But a few years ago, Todd stopped his ntastic bullets. He sold his dies and since then, there have been no more Golds. Guys regularly come on the predator hunting forums asking where to get them, to be met with the same sad answer every time, that the Gold had been relegated to unobtanium status.

By the way that Leupold .x in my opinion is the ideal western scope .

BTW Great Blog Dave. Really fun to read your stuff you are a wealth of knowledge

I have only one rifle I intend to use these bullets in, so all I wanted to know is how these new bullets shoot in my . Predator compared to the old ones. With just under , rounds through the bore and about . of throat erosion, this rifle has definitely lost a step and no longer has the guilt edged accuracy it had when new. About a year ago I added a Thunder Beast Ultra . suppressor to the rifle, all groups were shot suppressed. Scope is a Leupold ..

At this point, Ill mention that I have adjusted the seating depth of my load out over the years to follow the lands. But, Im out of neck. There is well less than a caliber of bullet shank in the neck. They are as long as Im comforle them for field use. Being able to seat the new ones . deeper didnt hurt my feelings one bit.

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Nice write up on the Goldsstill shooting Nagels but Im going to grab some of these to try.goldsGolds Are Back!

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Product Golds Gym XR . Adjusle Slant Workout Weight Bench

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Product Golds Gym XRS Olympic Workout Bench with Squat Rack

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Get totalbody training and incredible results with the Golds Gym XR . Bench. Featuring a multiposition bench that conveniently adjusts to flat, incline, and decline, the Golds Gym XR . Bench will give you a versatile and personalized workout for maximum results. Fixed uprights offer convenience and safety they hold up to lbs. of weight before and after your workout. Plus, you can develop your quads, hamstrings, and glutes with the padded roll leg developer. The Golds Gym XR . Bench also features sewn, vinyl seats and an exercise chart designed by a certified personal trainer.

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Product Golds Gym XRS Olympic Workout Bench

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Increase the effectiveness of your exercise routine with the Golds Gym XRS Olympic Workout Bench. The Golds Gym XRS Olympic Workout Bench comes with everything you need to sculpt and tone your body like the pros. The adjusle Golds Gym XRS Olympic Workout Bench is made of solid materials giving you a sturdy and sle platform. It has a sixroll leg developer, removable c yoke, and preacher pad. Additionally, you can adjust the Golds Gym XRS Olympic Workout Bench to accommodate your regimen into flat, incline, or decline positions as needed.

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wow goldsTen men who could be breakout stars at the Winter Olympics

Kenworthy made headlines by coming out in . Before that, he went viral by adopting puppies off the streets of Sochi. None of this should overshadow his talent in the slope event in which, since taking silver at the last Winter Olympics, he has reached the podium at the X Games and the world championships. He secured his spot in Pyeongchang by medaling in two of the five qualifying events.

The silver medal that Kingsbury won in Sochi was merely a jumpingoff point since then he has become the most dominant man in moguls history. Before a recent secondplace finish, he had gone undefeated on the World Cup circuit for a full year. Now the Quebec native, who always competes in a Tshirt with the logo Its good to be the king, figures to start a new winning streak in Pyeongchang.

Kovalchuk left the NHL in after seasons that saw him record goals and a total of points. The yearold winger is still playing topnotch hockey in his native Russia, leading the KHL in points this season. With the NHL choosing to skip the Olympics this time around, he will headline an OAR team that also has former Detroit Red Wings star Pavel Datsyuk and is vored to win gold in South Korea.

Despite his impressive resume, this seventime Olympic medalist has a score to settle in the , meters. A twotime defending champion in the ,, Kramer finished second at the longer distance in Sochi four years ago. It was even worse at the Vancouver Games, where he crossed the finish line with the stest time but was disqualified for skating into the wrong lane when a coach gave him bad directions.

Chen is a twotime national champion who made history by landing five quadruple jumps during his long program at the U.S. championships. He did it again this year to remain undefeated for the season. Do the math and it adds up to a potential gold medal in Pyeongchang, where the yearold who lives and trains in Southern California will try to wow judges with his athleticism.

Gus Kenworthy, free slope, United States

Wondering which athletes will become stars at the Winter Olympics? Here are to keep an eye on in the mens competitions.

The first man to win six overall World Cup titles in a row is nearing the end of an epic career and racing to avoid a lesspleasant legacy best skier never to win gold at the Games. Hirscher, who earned silver in Sochi, has insisted the Olympics will not define him, but he warmed up for Pyeongchang by claiming his th World Cup victory in a recent giant slalom in Germany.

Only two men in the history of ski jumping have swept the prestigious Four Hills tournament with victories in all four events. Stoch is one of them, having completed the rare feat in Bischofshofen, Austria, last month. That puts the yearold in good shape to defend both the normal and large hill events that he won in Sochi four years ago. Backtoback doubles would put him in the company of Switzerlands renowned Simon Ammann.

It might sound funny to say the defending Olympic gold medalist and twotime world champion has something to prove, but Hanyu cant be entirely satisfied with his last performance in Pyeongchang, where he lost to Chen in the Four Continents Championships. One more thing the yearold has been struggling with an ankle injury. Gracenote, a sports analytics firm that predicts medal winners, has him taking the silver.

A strong month of January has nudged Lochner into the lead in the World Cup season standings and has made him a vorite for gold in the fourman bobsled. But hes only a slight vorite countryman Francesco Friedrich should provide tough competition. They split the world championship with identical . clockings after four runs down the track in Koenigssee, Germany.

Ilya Kovalchuk, mens hockey, Olympic Athlete from Russia

The Michael Jordan of his sport, White dominated the halfpipe with gold medals in and . His fourthplace finish at the Sochi Olympics four years ago left some wondering if the sport had passed him by. Now the yearold from San Diego has qualified for his fourth Games and announced his presence with authority by scoring a perfect at the recent U.S. Grand Prix.

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The Cram course ½ day comprehensive review is included in your tuition sales and broker classes

Gold Coast Schools has offered professional education since and has grown to become Floridas number one real estate school based upon the number of enrollments during the past years, the number of permanent classroom locations, and the classes and service that we provide.

*Online students have year to complete their online course

When comparing schools, be careful! Some schools may tell you that they are as good as Gold Coast, or that they employ former Gold Coast instructors. Often these schools are out of business in a matter of months leaving students stranded. Because the quality of your education will ultimately drive your careers success, enroll with the ones that have been educating students just like you for more than years.

All classrooms equipped with an LCD projector, computer, Power Point, and High speed internet connections

Email and telephone support for students questions

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Sales Associate PreLicense class and cram are also offered in Spanish


Gold Coast Schools is Floridas leading provider of classroom and online real estate, insurance, construction, mortgage, CAM, and appraisal courses.

Gold Coast offers many benefit features that other schools simply dont. For example

We stand behind our motto The Proof is in the Passing, because Gold Coast students consistently complete their course, pass the state exam, and launch successful careers. If you are serious about getting your real estate license, Gold Coast has developed a tried and true program that enables you to do so.

GOLD COAST SCHOOLS REAL ESTATE DISCOUNT  Whether you are  the decision to start a career in Real Estate, or are looking to renew your license with postlicense, continuing education, or career development courses, Gold Coast Schools has the industry leading program needed to do so.

Palm Beach S Dixie Hwy, Lantana FL or Miami Beach Th Street, Suite FL

Customer service staff of more than dedicated professionals to serve you

Unlimited review of you classroom course for years sales and broker classes on a space available basis

Cooperation and discounts with all area brokers

Both Classroom and Interactive Online courses providing the flexibility that is perfect for meeting your scheduling needs

All instructors have voicemail and email to assist their studentsRE SCHOOdiscounts goldL DISCOUNTS

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goldsMountain GOAT Shaun White Too Many Golds to Count

Red, White, and gold. Shaun White has racked up awards on SNOWBOARDERs Rider of the Year list times, the second most of all time. Nothing speaks to the respect he holds amongst his snowboarding peers more than that stat. His resum in the halfpipe is the stuff of legend, and snowboarding has watched him grow up his entire life. Whether it was a headhigh McTwist at Mt. Hood, a double McTwist in Vancouver, a winning run at Stratton, or a footplus air in Vail, we have all witnessed great moments in the pipe because of Shauns otherworldly skill while strapped in.

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Originally published in theth Anniversary Issue of SNOWBOARDER Magazine,celebrates the most influential snowboarders of the last thirty years , otherwise known as the Greatest Of All Time list. With over men and women riding into the ranks of the Mountain GOATS, check back as we release their bios and celebrated accolades over the course of the next few weeks!

Those with short memories might also forget his dominance in slope in the early s, earning him four golds backtobacktobacktoback, as well as his three firstplace Summer X Games finishes on his skateboard in the vert event. The twotime Olympic gold medalist holds over other gold medals across the X Games, both summer and winter, US Open, and World Cup platforms. If you needed a gold medal count of to legally purchase alcohol, White would either be in a bar by himself or illegally purchasing drinks for the rest of his undermedaled competitors. Onhill and off, he has been one of the most recognized ces in our sport since the BlackBerry was the phone of choice. White has been the cover ofRolling Stonetwice, filmed a documentary with the same name as a Beatles album, had a video game franchise named after him, owns his own competition/festival format, and most recently bought part of Mammoth Mountain. That is why he will forever go down as a Mountain GOAT. With every hit, snowboarding holds its collective breath to see what Shaun brings to the le, and until he decides to pass the torch, you can find him at the top of the halfpipe to pay your respects.goldsMountain GOAT Shaun White Too Many Golds to Count

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wowWOW! Ways Of Working webmagazine

domandeWOW questions on Workplace new Ways of Working.

Send to WOW! your questions on Ways Of Working and Workplace! Your opinions will be food for thought for the workshopparty planned for March .

Interview with Andrea Montuschi, president at GPTW Italia. Here he sums up what is essential to become Best Workplace.

Territorial marketing to to enhance the corporate brand.

Biophilia, bioarchitecture and acoustic comfort.

Architect Paolo Mantero is the interior designer of the new headquerters of BNL/BNP Paribas in Rome Tiburtina and in Milan at Diamond Tower.

The importance of company climate besides the yearly surveys.

Bistrot at Lavazza Campus more than a canteen.

How to communicate the company by the territorial culture. Two case study Citterio and Oliva Costruzioni.

How do we implement Project Management in Architecture? Here its explained by Reti Academy experts

TeicosLab a nZEB nearly zero energy renovation.

Casa Italia Italian design at Winter Olympics.

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AssufficioGreat Place to WorkIFMAongreeningWOF.

AkzoNobelAreslineBTicinoCaimiCardexDieffebiEmme ItaliaEstelFonologyHerman MillerHW InteceKinnarpsLinakManerbaMascagniPlantronicsSedusSnowsound.

BNL/BNP Paribas two buildings, two cities, a single space management approach.

domandeWOW questions on Workplace new Ways of Working.

Exclusive interview with Gianfranco Marinelli, th President of Assufficio, that explained the strategies of the association.

Architect Paolo Mantero is the interior designer of the new headquerters of BNL/BNP Paribas in Rome Tiburtina and in Milan at Diamond Tower.

Internalization and integration new priorities for the office furniture sector.

Send to WOW! your questions on Ways Of Working and Workplace! Your opinions will be food for thought for the workshopparty planned for March .

BNL/BNP Paribas two buildings, two cities, a single space management approach.

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