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discounts wowWOWFactors™This two days training will provide an ideal platform for senior executives of the company to explore these issues to be able to make strategic choices anchored in the vision of the organization.

This workshop will cilitate companys workforce to the understand apply key soft skills to their work situations to improve organizational behaviour productivity.

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I Am A Proud Teacher Teachers Training Programme August,

Loved it on the whole. However, your lines we live dying and die without having lived has inspired and touched me in to my core heart. Thank you and I wish you bring the changes to many other lives.

This sales effectiveness workshop trains professionals to achieve organizations full potential through traditional marketing techniques up to social media.

I Am A Proud Teacher Teachers Training Programme in Delhi July,

This two days workshop is an invaluable opportunity for women executives looking to enhance their leadership skills create a cohesive network that is invested in the success of women.

Leadership Transition  Days Residential Program in Jaipur July,

Advanced Leadership Program for School Principals August,

It was enriching, wonderful experience worth the noble profession wherein we could explore our own self to reach out the society and make our contribution as Nation Builder .it was really wow!.

Developing Women in Leadership A Roadmap to Success July,

Developer of Largest battery of Whole Brain Instruments in the world used in countries including the acclaimed Dimension Brain Model.

Our programmes are tailormade to fit the needs of any organisation or inidual. Although our focus is mainly on company wide initiatives, we do offer short hour and day courses for smaller groups and iniduals.

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This interactive workshop helps you to choose the most effective stress management strategies that would allow you to quickly minimize your stress symptoms reactions.

Leadership Transition in Challenging Business Environment August,

This oneday training program focuses on and exciting methods of delivering instructions, amplifying students engagement, participation, involvement, attention and productivity in the learning process.

All of our courses include an indepth brain analysis of each candidate and focuses heavily on and the development on the mind power techniques and the skills to become dimensional person.

This was very good session, in this session we learn how to work life balanced, and we learn more about parenting, time management, listening, skills. Next, we learn from this session is live life freely without stress. We learn how the Brain control our body parts and how to overcome our hurdle in our life.

Conducts trainings on Relationship, Parenting, Team, Happy Life, Leadership in various Corporates, PSUs Educational Institutions.

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