Xbox One Game Sale Last Chance Discounts For Deals With Gold From Now Until Febdiscounts gold

Xbox One Game Sale Last Chance Discounts For Deals With Gold From Now Until Febdiscounts goldTop New Game Releases On Nintendo Switch, PS, Xbox One, And PC This Week September October

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As usual, Xbox One owners have the biggest selection of deals to choose from this week, most of which are exclusive to Xbox Live Gold members. The standard version of Bethesdas postapocalyptic RPGFallout is . / ., while the Game of the Year Edition which includes all of the titles DLC is / . Gold members can also pick upFIFA for / ,NHL for / ,Madden NFL GOAT Super Bowl Editionfor . / .,Sniper Ghost Warrior Season Pass Editionfor . / .,This Is the Policefor . / .,Shantae and the Pirates Cursefor / ,The Technomancerfor / .,Death Squaredfor . / , andLetter Quest Grimms Journey Remasteredfor / ..

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Xbox One Game Sale Last Chance Discounts For Deals With Gold From Now Until Feb.

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Heres whats on sale for Xbox Live Gold members this week.

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Several Xbox games will also be on sale this week for Gold members, but Major Nelson has yet to reveal which ones. Well update this story with the Xbox Deals with Gold as theyre announced.

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Last weeks Xbox Deals with Goldmay have expired, but a new selection of discounts is now available in the Xbox Store. Microsoft has rolled out the latest batch of game deals for Xbox Live Gold members, offering discounts on a handful of titles for bothXbox OneandXbox .

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You can find the full list of this weeks Xbox Deals with Gold onMajor Nelsons blog. All of the above discounts are only available until AM PT / AM ET on February , after which time theyll be replaced by a new selection of Deals with Gold. Gold members also only have one more day to claimJanuarys free Games with Gold. Most of those return to their regular price on January ; the following day, theyll be replaced byFebruarys Games with Goldlineup, which includesShadow WarriorandAssassins Creed Chronicles India.

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In addition to the above deals, a handful of discounts are available to all Xbox One owners, even if you dont have an Xbox Live Gold subscription. Every edition ofForza Horizon is on sale this week; the standard version costs / , while the Deluxe and Ultimate editions are available for / and / , respectively. A bunch of Naruto Shippuden titles are likewise on sale;Ultimate Ninja Storm is / .,Ultimate Ninja Storm Full Burstis / ., andUltimate Ninja Storm Road to Borutois / . You can also pick up the complete series in theUltimate Ninja Storm LegacyBundle, which is on sale for / .

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