goldWario Takes Over Nintendos Twitter Account For WarioWare Gold Promotion

WarioWare Goldis now available, and Nintendo is promoting the new DS release by having the iconic villain take over the official Nintendo Twitter account. It kicked off with as much Wario laughter as could fit in the Twitter character limit and a change of profile pic, and went from there.

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The bit of flavorful personality is obviously meant to promote WarioWare Gold, a megamashup of a wide variety of classic WarioWare classic microgames with a handful of new inclusions. In GameSpotsWarioWare Gold review, James OConnor called it a true greatest hits package that showcases Warios unique weirdo vibe, and this of play remains inventive and thrilling. Its also enjoying a generally positive reception across the critical spectrum according to GameSpot sister siteMetacritic.

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Nintendo has turned these character takeover promotions into a somewhat regular trend. WhenDonkey Kong Tropical Freezelaunched on Switch in February, it wasCranky Kong who took overfor a bit of silly fun. We can probably expect Warios tenure to last through the day, if not the weekend.

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The madcap zaniness has included some looks at the games included in WarioWare Gold, some greedy admissions, and aslightly rigged pollthat Wario is, mysteriously, winning handily so r.

Wario Takes Over Nintendos Twitter Account For WarioWare Gold Promotion

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Wahahaha! Warios greed knows no bounds.

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