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shirt of the horde, shirt of the alliance and rename token readded on donation web

After a long break, we are having another WoWMortalvideocontest! for ourDestiny ..realm.What you need to do, is post videos on YouTube showing everything about our realms.

on August , amDue to lack of population on WOTLK Tournament realm we have decided to shut it down.

Fixed creature_loot_template for Dragon Soul bosses.

Off Pieces now costs Honor Points.

? Arena Challenger is no longer available, and players with this rank have been demoted to member.

Shade of Akama will reward now Valor Points up from Valor Pointpreviously bugged.

The Dreamer quest NPC readded in Mall along with an increase in item requirements Apexis Crystals and Apexis Shards.

Fixed glitchy visuals e.g herioc leap, death grip.

on July , amChanges regarding items

Please read ourNEW connection guideOR if you are a pro then download the launcher from ourDownload Page.News and Updates!Posted by Staff

Critical Strike Chance buff/aura stacking provided by Rogue Subtlety Honor Among Thieves, Druid Feral Leader of the Pack, Shaman Elemental Elemental Oath, Warrior Furry Ram, Hunter Devilsaur/Wolf Terrifying Roar/Furious Howl

Exdonation transmogrifications for credits.

Fixed Inmous Tooth and added in loot le for every boss with a drop chance.

Spell Power buff/aura stacking provided by Shaman Elemental Totemic Wrath, , Warlock Demonology Demonic Pact

? Apexis Crystals will no longer randomly incorrectly show for season earned conquest, over base amount.

NoteYou are not able to make videos, IPs will be checked.

Runic Empowerment now only triggers on Death coil, death strike and frost strikeedModstatvalues

Eid alAdha Mubarak!News and Updates!Posted by Staff

gurthalak voice of the deeps heroic proc reworkeddamageproc chance

Benefits? Instant mounting spell and sick looks.

added new donation custom mount Keshi, the Demon Steed you can see the model in duel zone and malls

Added Elite Upgrade Token on VOTE SHOP for vote points.News and Updates!Posted by Staff

So dont forget to write your ingame name on yourvideo! entry

Celebrate the magic of the season in the holiday wonderland of WoWMortal.

With the possibility for additional commands later down the line as we explore the impact of VIP on Destiny and the use of commands by vip accounts.

This will allow players to purchase any existing item from our websitestore

NEW WoWMortal Vote Token available on Vote Reward Panel with this item, youCANbuy cataclysmic or heroic gear. With this item youCANNOTbuy legendary items, elite cataclysmic items, currency or any other items that are not heroic or cataclysmic gear piece. For H Weapons/bows/guns, you need WoWMortal Vote Tokens.

Spell Power buff/aura stacking provided by Shaman Flametongue Totem, Mage Arcane Brilliance/Dalaran Brilliance

The event starts on December and lasts until December .

Hydross the Unsle Duke of Currents will reward now Valor Points up from Valor Pointpreviously bugged.

? Arena Master is no longer available, and players with this rank have been demoted to member.

on July , am Fixed a bug where versions of Blessing of Might and Blessing of Kings could stack.

Main Pieces HC PvE now costs Valor Points.

added new transmog items for rated transmog npc

Blood Money Tournament is a v PvP Tournament, under eliminatory defeat. You lose a fight, youre out. Win your fight, wait for the next bracket and take a look at the other matches ongoing.

? Issues causing arena teams to not show up once created has been resolved.

Bane of Agony has been buffed by approximately

on April , amv Solo Queue. New feature on wowmortal!

on March , pm Added Commanders Chestcontains unique transmogrification heads from the old Heartglen in Skyfire at Skyfire Overlord Reid. It costs x Essence of Corrupted Deathwing and it requires Honored reputation with The Scale of the Sands.

Aside the raids we have onDS, SSC, and Onyxia all word bosses like Satan, Garrosh, Varian, Akama, Nerian etc have a chance to drop HC weapons.

Exclusive VIP Rank and access to a private subforum for feedback regarding VIP and general discussion amongst VIPs. To earn the VIP Forum Rank, please contact an Administrator and your rank will be set providing proof of account rank.

Dragonwrath, Tarecgosas Rest fixed to . down from .

on September , amWe have upgraded our Legion Realm toPATCH.. build

Weapons now costs Honor Points.

And talking about gifts, everyone receives DP and VP.

lvl items are now removed from Valor NPCthey still drop in raids

Quarter Open to group testing on …

Melee/Ranged Attack Speed buff/aura stacking provided by Hunter Survival Hunting Party, Death Knight Frost Improved Icy Talons, Shaman Windfury TotemNews and Updates!Posted by Staff

on August , amDestiny UpdateLog

Fixed an exploit regarding improved blood presence where DK could switch to blood offspec, change to blood presence then activate frost/unholy spec and benefit from improved blood presence extra haste and rune regeneration

Hagara the Stormbinder will reward now Valor Points up from Valor Pointpreviously bugged.

Happy holidays to all of the wowmortal community, we have been through some tough times and we would just like to express how thankful we are for all of you who contribute to the server, whether its voting or donating, or just hanging out!

Leotheras the Blind will reward now Valor Points up from Valor Pointpreviously bugged.

WoWMortal VIP is now a new exclusive feature for those players who wish to support the server but gain some added benefits. Those benefits can be seen below! VIP will primarily be a discount base feature for rewards, items and gearing.

Hunter flare can now affect not in LOS targets

Morchok will reward now Valor Points up from Valor Pointpreviously bugged.

The quests from Skorn Raven Bishop also changed

Title of video must contain good keywords eg Best Cataclysm WoW Private Server, ETC

? PvE Weapons Armor will not longer be purchasable directly.

Content within VIP will be added and extended week on week to ensure character progress.

Quarter Open to group testing on …

Pet should stop casting and find new LoS if target gone out of LoS

Discounts within the VIP mall Cataclysmic gear for honor, heroic PVE for conquest at reduced rates ETC.

VIP Mall PVE Weapons are now Heroic and the cost is cheaper than the normal Mall ones.

Fixed crashesNews and Updates!Posted by Staff

? Custom Transmogrification items such as Cowl of Benevolence, Tattoos, Fugimators Mask will now be available through applicable content and not donating.

Added Mysterious Bag on VOTE SHOP for vote points.

on March , amIn order to make server content more single player friendly, We have boosted Dire Maul daily quests rewards.

Leader of the Pack now awards x Box of Spirit Shards, x Souls, x Apexis Crystal.

Underbog now awards x Box of Spirit Shards, x Souls.

Heroic PVE Weapons cost changed to Valor Points.

Hemorrhage bleed has been buffed to of direct Hemorrhage damage.

Ring of frost, and hunter flare can trigger if caster is not LoS the target.

elite cataclysm items are now available by donation only

Essences can only drop while a quest requiring you to collect them can be looted.

Warmaster Blackhorn will reward now Valor Points up from Valor Pointpreviously bugged.

Description of video must contain a good description of server and link to our website

Queries,Execution Time. Seconds,Memory UsageKWoWMortalDesigned byZafire

Jewellery now costs Honor Points.

You can leave your wishes for the staff and the rest of the community in the topic below.

VIP Mall PvE vendor now sells items for honor

Both respawn every hours and they have a very special loot like HC Weapons and much more. Dont forget to delete your cache folder.

? Previous Donation Shirts Not including Shirt of Alliance or Horde will be available for Conquest Points in the VIP mall.

We have updated the server to latest PATCH .

Halloween Event starts on Wednesday, October , , and it will end on Tuesday, October , .

Warlord Zonozz will reward now Valor Points up from Valor Pointpreviously bugged.

Chat A fully functional system based world chat for those very important people.

As a procaution to raid progress we have placed up some antimovement walls to ensure that raids that are not unlocked for you, cannot still be flown to freely.

Because there are still some players that did not get the chance to recover most items lost in the past, nextSunday on October ,ALL Cataclysmicnon Elite and Heroic PvE itemsnon legendary will beFREE.

on May , pmPlease update the Legion client by clicking HERE in order to connect to our legion server smoothly!

Added Demon Hunter Tattoo chestthe green one on VOTE SHOP for vote points.

Armor buff/aura stacking provided by Paladin Devotion Aura, Shaman Stoneskin Totem

Witchcraft now awards x Box of Spirit Shards, x Souls, x Apexis Shards.

Nerian will reward now Valor Points up from Valor Pointpreviously bugged.

Tier Normal version cost reduced to Valor Points.

? The Swift Spectral Tiger will no longer be tradeable if purchased with donation points.

VIP Mall PVE Jewelry now sells HC items for honor.

WoWMortal Pointswill be rewarded to the winner.

And finish up by thanking you for supporting WoWMortal!

Yorsahj the Unsleeping will reward now Valor Points up from Valor Pointpreviously bugged.

Data on it is now being tested on the test server

Drop from every boss for every Raid Dungeon guarantee on .

Thanks!News and Updates!Solo v Queue, a new feature on wowmortal Destiny!Posted by Staff

Stonecore now awards x Box of Spirit Shards, x Souls.

We would like to thank all of you by givingx Donation PointsandVote Points rewardsfor the next hours starting now!News and Updates!Posted by Staff

For this FIRST EVENT, theREWARD is on PAYPALyou must have a valid/active PayPal account.

Gurthalak, Voice of the Deeps Normal fixed baseline proc damage ~ ; fixed HP of theTentacle of the Old Onesdown from ~ k to ~ k baseline.

And due to the ct that apdeyt turned out to be unexpectedly large, we do not have time to install the system set Honor and prestige, so that it will be in the next update.

Only on Christmas days, you can donate for Reins of Christmas Flying Reindeer.

We also have an limited Donation Mount this Christmas, you can check it out here. Hurry! It will be on Donation shop for a few days only!

Game objects containing the currency for Local Dust quest added arround Mall area.

Pound Cake now awards x Box of Spirit Shards, x Souls, x Apexis Shards.

Spirit Animals now awards x Box of Spirit Shards, x Souls, x Apexis Shards.

Lady Vashj Coilng Matron will reward now Valor Points up from Valor Pointpreviously bugged.

Mall guards have now a chance to drop single use elune.News and Updates!Free Items Event is currently LIVE!Posted by Staff

How to activate your VIP status, account wide once you have the token ingame.

Mp buff/aura stacking provided by Paladin Blessing of Might, Shaman Mana Spring Totem, Warlock Summon Felhunter Fel Intelligence

Added MiniTeleportal on VOTE SHOP for vote points.

This offer expires on on July th, noon realm time.

Starcatcher Compass is now reenabled for rogue classnext server restart.

Jewellery HC PvE now costs Honor Points and requires personal and team arena rating.

Fel Reaver will reward now Valor Points up from Valor Pointpreviously bugged.

Pets will now stop casting if target not in LoS

Make sure you tell ALL your friends about it so they come get their items.News and Updates!Posted by Staff

FathomLord Karathress will reward now Valor Points up from Valor Pointpreviously bugged.

crusader strikeNews and Updates!Posted by Staff

Off Pieces HC PvE now costs Honor Points and requires personal and team arena rating.

Flame Shock damage over time has been buffed by approximately .

Doing these daily quests will get you a total x Box of Spirit Shards, x Souls, x Apexis Shards and x Apexis Crystal.

on August , pmWowMortal trailer WoW Cataclysm Private Server

Ultraxions corpse was ding too stimpossible to loot so We moved the loot toLesser Cache of the Aspectson the boat, right after you kill it. You may loot the items fromLesser Cache of the Aspects.

? Custom transmogrification set token has been removed from the website store.

PvE offsets and some jewelry now require personal and team arena rating, down from . Keep in mind this is only a PvP alternative, you can still raid for these items.

Ring of frost can now affect not in LOS Targets

You may test it in Donation area.News and Updates!Posted by Staff

Added Bag of Spirit Shards on VOTE SHOP for vote points.

? Please contact a member of staff if those profiles require a secondary rank such as VIP, Epic or Donator.

WoWMortal team wants to wish you happy holidays! These are those moments of the year when we want to be surrounded by mily and loved ones, receive and offer gifts.

It is October , . TheFREE Items Eventis currently going on.News and Updates!Posted by Staff

on September , pmWe have doubled the vote points for hours.

Lord Garrosh will reward now Valor Points up from Valor Pointpreviously bugged.

Fixed an issue with Doomhammer artict quest.

Quarter Open to group testing on …

Weapons HC PvE now costs Honor Points and requires personal and team arena rating.

Added different mind flay spell for each tentacle.

Mana buff/aura stacking provided by Mage Arcane Brilliance/Dalaran Brilliance, Warlock Summon Felhunter Fel Intelligence

Loot fromSpine of DeathwingandMadness of Deathwingis now moved toWarmaster Blackhornsince spine is bugged and madness is totally missing.

Serpentshrine Caverns now awards x Box of Spirit Shards, x Souls.

on September , amDestiny UpdateLog

It does not scale with attack power or spellpower. It does not directly get more ticks with haste, even with bloodlust though more haste means more tentacle procs It seems to inherit the players spell hit and the Mind flay casts not ticks go off the spell hit le; dummy had a few misses with . melee hit and . spell hit and it missed occasionally. I also went to the dummy with about . melee hit . spell hit and never saw a miss over a sample of ticks. It does not seem to inherit the players melee crit as a post above me indicates. While on the dummy with a lot of agility gear and no crit which pushed me to . melee crit and spell crit and the same sample of , of those ticks were crits. Assuming theres no crit suppression on the dummy, this is a crit rate of about ., which is strongly in vor of inheriting the players spell crit. Baseline damage of normal Gurthalak proc is . Each proc, assuming each cast hits casts mind flays for ticks each, totalling ticks per proc. It inherits damage auras from the player that increase all damage, so a player in berserker stance will increase the damage from to .. Also, changes to the players damage modifier wont affect mind flays already being cast i.e. a mind flay starts casting for ticks of in defensive stance, warrior goes berserker stance. it continues to tick for , but the next spell it casts will benefit from berserker stance, hitting for . Furthermore, it is also affected by damagetaken modifiers on the boss, be it all damage, or spell damage debuff. LFR baseline damage is . If it scales linearly to heroic, heroic should hit for /tick. Crits are . They also inherit the players meta gem crit bonus, increasing crit damage to . Can confirm there is no ICD as I had up to THREE tentacles attacking the same target at the same time, and all dealed their own damage combat log easily showed this as ticks of mind flay in the same second as well as numbers popping up on my screen. If you happen to be an unholy DK, the procs damage increases with the amount of mastery you have. The proc does not inherit the death knights spell crit modifier; it still crits for modified by crit meta. Also weaponbased attacks not considered to come from Gurthalak will not proc it. This is from a sample of slams from the main hand and the only source of rage was battle shout and berserker rage, absolutely no autoattacks at all. I had gurthalak in my offhand and a garbage green in the mainhand. There were zero procs. HOWEVER, if you are attacking with a nonweaponbased melee attack, such as Bloodthirst, then it CAN proc, regardless of what hand the weapon is in as long as it is equipped.

Fixed a bug where the mind flay spell casted by all tenteclesGurthalak RF, N and HC was the same spell.

Onyxias Lair now awards x Box of Spirit Shards, x Souls.

Essences will be a VIP based time only quest series with higher than average rewards through progress.

Fixed creature_loot_template for Serpentshirne Cavern bosses

? Cataclysmic Vote Token has been removed from the website store, and ingame availability.

On the final day of this limited offer will offer a separate time only days purchase for items in bulk, one time shirt and the endless possibility of various mounts and event coins and such other reward based items to use on Destiny.

? Donation Vote vendors and npcs have been removed in relation to changes written below.

Everyonewho enters thevideocontest doesnt win will receive WoWMortal Points

The NPCs required for quest Helping the Community also added arround Mall area.

Heroic PVE Jewelry cost changed to Valor Points.

? Rated Plateau quarters will no longer incorrectly show no options for newer characters with the required achievements for each quarter.

All scenario boss kills Gaurenteed a minimum of per kill.

Corrupted Necromancer will reward now Valor Points up from Valor Pointpreviously bugged.

Tentacle HP was scalling way too much with player HP pool.

Attack Power buff/aura stacking provided by DK Blood Abominations Might, Hunter Marksmith Trueshot Aura, Shaman Enhancement Unleashed Rage

Dragonwrath, Tarecgosas Rest spell power corrected.

Last few weeks have been insane, new players are joining left and right and weve already reached over online players at the same time in the past few days.

Drop from the Arena, and Battleground boxes at ..

Morogrim Tidewalker will reward now Valor Points up from Valor Pointpreviously bugged.

Str Agi buff/aura stacking provided by Death Knight Horn of Winter, Hunters Cat/Spirit Beast Roar of Courage, Shaman Strength of Earth Totem, Warrior Battle Shout

VIP Soberup Because getting drunk is a nusense

Ultraxion will reward now Valor Points up from Valor Pointpreviously bugged.

new Daily Quests for Apexis Shards and Apexis Crystals Ironforge and Silvermoon bosses

You dont need to have everything in yourvideo, you may choose to only show the best features of the server, its your choice. The most creativevideowill win

This Christmas we will have a LIMITED edition of the Reins of Christmas Flying Reindeer.

The website and its content was created for WoWMortal

WoWMortal Staff has a surprise for you! On June th, ALL Cataclysmic and Heroic PvE items will be free of cost for hours! Make sure to be online and tell all your friends to come and get their items!

VIP Activate Usable with the VIP token purchase, will require a re log.

Blackrock Caverns now awards x Box of Spirit Shards, x Souls.

Stamina buff/aura stacking provided by Hunters Silithid Qiraji Fortitude, Priest Power Word Fortitude, Warlock Summon Imp Blood Pact, Warrior Commanding Shout

Reduced the required items for quests Skorn Souls and Skorn Spirit Shards from down to .

will be implemented in the flight split islands

Also, we have increased the Rates from X to X!

Spell Haste buff/aura stacking provided by Druid Balance Moonkin Aura, Priest Shadow Mind Quickening, Shaman Wrath of Air Totem

Gurthalak, Voice of the Deeps Raid Finder fixed baseline proc damage ~ ; fixed HP of theTentacle of the Old Onesdown from ~ k to ~ k baseline.

Fixed procFlags where the item should proc only from any successful melee attack and successful attack by Spell that use melee weaponthis is why some Gurthalak versions used to proc from any spells for classes like dk/paladins and some versions did not proc at all for warriors.

This package will be unveiled on July th, first thing.

NEWVIP Demon Hunter Chest Tattooavailable on Donation Panel

bonelink fetish heroic proc reworkeddamageproc chance

Rogue rescaled energy regen based on haste.

The Sleeper quest NPC readded in Mall along with an increase in item requirements Apexis Crystals and Apexis Shards.

The Lurker Below will reward now Valor Points up from Valor Pointpreviously bugged.

Gather and rm the amazing loot bosses with your friends for this festive Christmasthemed event.

Every item has been bumped from full price to an equal less on all items above .

Rere now awards x Box of Spirit Shards, x Souls, x Apexis Shards.

Flame Shock direct damage has been buffed by

Happy questing!News and Updates!Posted by Staff

Price is currently set to . Account wide.

Join us on DiscordWatch the New TrailerFollow us on FacebookAdvertisement

What yourvideomight contain is; RaidingPvE, BattlegroundsPvP, ArenasPvP, Custom Content etc.

Items that are available in exclusive VIP vendors may include items from various other pieces of content that is otherwise harder, or impossible to currently obtain at a cheaper base VIP price.

Silvermoon and Ironforge guards have a low chance to drop Apexis Shards and Apexis Crystals.

Hotfixes for Fire Mages overall damage output.

Make sure to delete cache folder.News and Updates!Posted by Staff

Fire Mage Talent Impact will no longer proc incorrectly from receiving damage from spells.

WoWMortal Staff.News and Updates!Posted by Staff

? Savory Deviate Delight is now an infinite consumable like every other.

Gurthalak, Voice of the Deeps HC fixed baseline proc damage ~ ; fixed HP of theTentacle of the Old Onesdown from ~ k to ~ k baseline.

Fixed the core code that allowed specs like blood, protection to Queue v arenaNews and Updates!Posted by Staff

All artict upgrade quests will now require a world boss token instead of the transmog items to encourage raiding world bosses and the token involved.

Tags wow private server, wow server, wow pvp server, world of warcraft arena server, wow arena server.Server Status[..]Destiny Instant Destiny cataclysm .. Instant fun realm, Working battlegrounds and arenas, working PVE content! Fun and active server! Custom PVP and PVE events! Friendly and active staff. Progressive PVE and PVP content. Constant updates.[..]Nemesis Instant Brand new Legion Instant Realm is currently under development our release date for this NEW instant realm will be announced in few days

on October , am DK Rune rescripted, and updated Mod stat values.

Silvermoon and Ironforge Kings have a chance to drop Apexis Shards and Apexis Crystals.

We believe July is the time for a short period limited discount session for all.

Soul Reaper will reward now Valor Points up from Valor Pointpreviously bugged.

? The raiding teleportal sub menu has been reconditioned for progressional gear purposes. The Teleportal will also explain the breakdown of entering each raid. These raiding options unlock progressively. In order to open up Serpentshrine cavern You must complete Onyxias Lair achievement. And to open up Dragon Soul, you must complete the Serpentshrine Cavern achievement.

Onyxia will reward now Valor Points up from Valor Pointpreviously bugged.

some lvl items were added to donation web

all stats buff/aura stacking provided by Druid Mark of the Wild, Hunter Shale Spider Embrace of the Shale Spider, Paladin Blessing of Kings

Christmas Elf will reward now Valor Points up from Valor Pointpreviously bugged.

Elite Cataclysmic Quests npcs readded in Rated Plateau Teleportal PVP Rated Plateau requires achievement in order to see it.

NOTEWE HAVE DECIDED TO CHANGE LEGION REALM X to Orthros INSTANT . The release date of the new realm will be Announced Soon!News and Updates!Posted by Staff

on August , am Normal T now costs Valor points.

Heroic PVE Offsets cost changed to Valor Points.

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Jubilations Dinner Theatrediscounts wow

Prices do not include taxes, gratuities, pop, or alcohol. No discounts are applicable.

Join our Corporate Club and receive discounts for all your staff and members. Its free to register. As a Corporate Club Member you will automatically receive information by x or email on current and upcoming productions as well as reminders to book when near the end of a show. Whats the catch? In exchange all we ask is that you post these notices in a convenient location for your staff/members to access.

Prices subject to change without notice and are excluding all taxes.

Ring in the New Year with us!For . plus tax before November th . plus tax, after November th, Jubilations will help you live it up on New Years Eve with a threeact musical comedy, a delicious fourcourse dinner, a special late night buffet, glass of champagne, fun party vours, DJ and Dance after the show, and refillable tea and coffee.

And think about booking your next company party with us. Let us WOW you with our unique brand of evening entertainment. Jubilations! Its dinner theatre with a twist!

ViewJubilations Dinner Theatre Seating Floor Plans

PLEASE NOTE Jubilations Junior includes a threecourse lunch.

Prices include a threeact musical comedy, a fourcourse dinner, and refillable tea and coffee. Prices do not include taxes, gratuities, pop, or alcohol.

To receive the discount, any employee or member need only to mention the name of the company/organization that they work for and identify that they are members of our Corporate Club when a reservation. The discount applies to regular priced adult tickets, provided that there are seats available. The Corporate Club discount does not apply to New Years Eve and cannot be combined with any other promotional offer.Jubilations Dinner Theatrediscounts wow

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discounts wowWOW air promotion code discount all flights!

discounts wowWOW air promotion code discount all flights!THAILAND or PHILIPPINES from London from return!

Cheap flights from Amsterdam to Vietnam from €!

TUI promotion code discount off long haul flight holidays!

What is an Error Fare flight and how to find them?

Otel promotion code discount all accommodation!

Etihad Airways discount all flights all destinations!

QATAR AIRWAYS promo code discount all flights!

Worlds most amazing places you have probably never heard of..

Note that this WOW air discount code applies to base re only. Excluding taxes and other fees. Also note that this is lowcost carrier. Only hand luggage is included in base re. You can purchase checked in luggage separately once you proceed to next step.

Lufthansa cheap nonstop flights from Frankfurt to USA from € return!

SEYCHELLES Nonstop flights from Dusseldorf € Summer Holidays

This latest WOW air promotion code is valid for all bookings made by th of Junel. Travel period isth of August to th ofOctober.

Complete list of Airlines offering free hotel during layover!

British Airways cheap return flights from Europe to Nairobi, Kenya from €!

BeneluxFranceGermanyItalyOthersPromo codesScandinaviaSpainUK / Ireland

Booking sampleof successfully applied WOW air promotion code below. In this case you would fly from London to Los Angeles, USA on th of August . Your return flight from America back to the UK would be on th of September. You would pay total . for a return ticket. You will easily save  just by using currently working WOW Air promo code.

How to apply WOW air promotion code.This sale is available only when booking directly at the website of the airline. Once you choose your origin country simply select your routing and travel dates. Still at the main web you will find separate box Promotion code where you enter below voucher. Proceed to next step and your flight will be automatically discounted.

Emirates UK save off all flights all destinations!

Icelandic lowcost carrier WOW air have released today their latest promotion in offering up to discounton all flights using below WOW air promotion code. This sale os working on all flights from Europe and destinations in North America. WOW air is flying to destinations such as New York, Boston, Washington, Miami, Toronto, Montreal, Los Angeles or San Francisco. Consider to book discounted flights using this promo code when departing fromthe UK, Ireland, Amsterdam, Brussels, Germany, Scandinavia, Italy, France, Spain or Poland.

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Vueling promotion code € off booking!

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Basic Principles of Production Planningwow golds

Manpower planning requires accurately estimating the number of employees required to do the work. The capacity of the workforce has to match the capabilities of the equipment to plan for the highest efficiency.

The next step was to assist the client with a proper production plan. The Faber Infinite team worked over best possible alternatives to provide the client with an user friendly, yet powerful module which will cater to all the basic requirements and also keeping room for the surprise elements.

Congratulations to our esteemed client Saurer Peass on wining multiple golds at national competition.

Faber Infinite announces copyright for Lean Facility Design

As we witness th edition of PlastIndia Exhibition, lets take a pause to reflect on the future of the plastics industry and excellence in plastic industry

Please leave your details below so that we can get back to you.

Production planning incorporates a multiplicity of production elements, ranging from the everyday activities of staff to the ability to realise accurate delivery times for the customer. With an effective production planning operation at its nucleus, any form of manucturing process has the capability to exploit its full potential.

Congratulations to our client Strongpak on winning the company of the year award from the Kitwe Chamber of Commerce Industry.

Before you can plan to assign resources, you have to know how much to produce. Production planning focuses on the principle of meeting the targeted customer demand rate in the most efficient way possible while keeping open the capability to respond to variations in demand.

Faber Infinite has been recognized as Indias stest growing Management and Strategy Consulting organization by The CEO Magazine.

We are delighted to present to you the first issue of iFaber the official newsletter of Faber Infinite for the year . This newsletter would be a window to the world of Organizational Transformation and Faber Infinite Consulting. To read the newsletter

Consultants are the backbone of the entire transformation process. Despite having a hectic and packed schedule, they are always on time and make sure to deliver at any location. Today let us have a peak in the life of one of the star performer at Faber Infinite Mr. Vishal Singh. To Peak click here

Transformation journey is a gigantic challenge in the internal afirs of a company and requires a great amount of discipline and dedication to make it work. This Tuesday, let us look at how is the journey a challenge to the Leadership. To read more click here

A final production planning principle puts in place controls that detect problems as soon as they occur. Verification of inventory, use of qualified suppliers and personnel, standardization where possible. When controls are in place, it enables to take possible corrective actions to minimize the effects and return production to the required levels.

. Overall production planning made r and easy to manage

Team Faber Infinite Consulting with its global expertise will assist you in highlighting growth opportunities for your business operations.

In a history of years, Vidarbha Cricket team has finally achieved the ultimate goal they have been working on for so many years. What made Vidarbha the champion side they could not be in the last six decades? Lets have a look

Effective production planning makes sure that the processes used for the output continue to operate efficiently and safely. Often the normal operation of a process requires occasional testing and adjustments.

We congratulate our client Saurer Peass on winning PAREXCELLENCE awards at Quality Circle Forum of India QCFI National competition, held in Raipur.

Conduct a power packed analysis exercise to leap into the next league of higher profiility and exponential growth.

Here is another tale of transformation and excellence from the Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container FIBC industry. We are glad to talk to the Director of leading producers in the competitive FIBC industry. He shared his valuable insights on key topics related to challenges in the FIBC industry and the role of Faber Infinite in the transformation journey

Email us with comments, questions or feedback.

Written Adapted by Anand Bhattad Aakash Borse

After the analysis of each aspect at the client place, the modular kitchen manucturer, the overall plant capacity was ascertained.

The solution module was developed encompassing order receipt process, capacity booking, production to dispatchs and even installations at the client sites. Making it a comprehensive solution. It also consisted of provision to calculate the delivery performance by measuring OnTime InFull ratio OTIF and also highlighting the reasons for ilure, if any.

. No delay in delivery leading to customer WOW!

Team Faber Infinite wishes you a th Happy Republic Day. Today let us pledge to be the change we wish to see around us !

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The production planner takes into account the capabilities of the equipment used to produce the output. Basic sility of equipment comprising of availability A, performance P and quality Q parameters can be determined by Overall Equipment Effectiveness OEE.

Faber Infinite congratulates Jalay Pandya for being appointed as part of CII task force.

To fulfill your production target, the materials availability needed to produce should be ensured. The most efficient production planning keeps the minimum materials as standard inventory. Planners should evaluate how much material the company needs, the lead times for orders, the delivery times for suppliers and the reliability of the supply.

. Proper, logical and achievable delivery date can be promised to customer

At its core, production planning represents the beating heart of any manucturing process. Its purpose is to minimise production time and costs, efficiently organise the use of resources and maximise efficiency in the workplace.

The production planning solution was designed to cater all the issues related to production and hiccups in planning process. The overall benefit to the client can be summarized as captured below

A improvement in productivity, reduction in production throughput times Sounds too good to be true? We can deliver these results through Lean Facility Design exercise. Faber Infinite is glad to announce the issuance to it of a copyright that covers the unique methodology for Lean Facility Design. To read more click here

The planning for any organization forms the backbone of production process. Planning of productions helps organizations to understand the situation at the Gemba better. Effective planning cilitates to book the entire capacity and also assists in committing accurate delivery time frames to the customers.

Check other consulting services on Faber InfiniteBasic Principles of Production Planningwow golds

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Its time you changed your perception of Golds Gym. Weve spent over years defining fitness and now were reinventing it. With personal fitness profiles, backed by D scanning technology, both traditional and digital personal training options and new studio offerings that go past a class; Golds Gym has evolved so you can transform your life.For more information about our gyms, like amenities and membership costs,find a gym near you.

We pioneered the industry in . Now were redefining it.

We pioneered the industry in . Now were redefining it.

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goldsGolds Are Back!

Enough of the measuring though, yesterday morning I was able to get out and shoot some groups.

Conditions were a bit foggy, enough to cause some degree of difficulty in aiming on a few shots. And because it was only about degrees out and I was shooting kind of st, I had some mirage coming off the barrel and suppressor.

Many . shooters have long considered the gr. Gold that Todd Kindler of the Woodchuck Den used to make as the bullet for coyote with large capacity .s.  The combination of high BC, accuracy and terminal performance on coyote may be unmatched.  My . Predator, which has been my main squeeze on stand since I had it built over a dozen years ago, was built around the gr. Gold. And I have had great success with that rifle and the Gold on coyote over the years, accounting for over coyote killed.

I shot the groups off of a folding le, not a solid concrete bench. After many years shooting off this le Im confident that I can shoot consistently almost as good off of it as a solid bench. But, in truth, it really is only almost as good. A solid bench likely would have sucked the groups up just a tiny bit.

Note too, that for each dimension I measured, the new Golds have more variation, especially in weight and ogive length.

I chose just ten random bullets from my box of old stock WCD Golds and ten bullets from the new box of Texas Golds. As you can see in the chart above, the new Golds weigh about . grain more than the old ones. And the ogives are about . longer. And, the diameter is about . smaller than the old ones too.

I shot only two, five shot groups of each bullet. Alternating, first WCD, then Texas, WCD and Texas. As you can see, the old WCD Golds turned in groups of . and ., for a . average. The Texas Golds turned in groups of . and . for a . average.  The old . Predator is barely hanging on to / MOA by the skin of its teeth

Thanks for the report on your testing Dave.I will surely call and order some.

Great write up Dave. Good to see the Golds are back. Ive only got a couple boxes of the Kindler left for my Tactical. I will definitely be placing an order.

Good writeup Dave. I am looking forward to trying a grain bullet in my hh. Thanks for the insights. Burt

The . caliber Gold bullet from the Woodchuck Den has been considered the best . caliber coyote bullet made. But they have not been available for several years. Now, a new maker is using the same dies and the same jackets. I compare the new Golds to the old Golds to see how they measure and shoot.

To order these new Golds, give Montana a call at .  He ships st!  He has other weight Golds besides the s and says hell have .s online soon as well.  If there is a particular . caliber bullet you wish you could have, it might be worth putting a bug in his ear.  I did grin.

The day the new bullets arrived I sat down to compare the new Golds to the old Woodchuck Den Golds. I noted some differences in ogive length, weight and diameter. See chart below for details.

I wasnt sure what to call the new Golds. Because the maker is in Texas, I started calling them Texas Golds. But when the bullets arrived, the sender was listed as Montana Mize. So I thought maybe they should be called Montana Golds?  I asked Montana what he calls them.  He said that the name Texas Golds seems to have stuck, so Texas Golds it is!

For test loads I used the same lot of brass, primers and powder and loaded up the Texas Golds and some of the old Golds with the same load I have been using since the rifle was new. Because the ogives of the new Golds are . longer than the old Golds I have, to keep the relationship to the lands the same, I adjusted the seating die . deeper on the new Golds. Comparator measurements of the two after loading are within . of each other.

Slow coyote calling this time of year!

More shooting would certainly be more definitive. Ill leave it up to you the reader to draw your own conclusions, or lack of conclusion. Ive made mine.

Speaking of coyote hunting Thats another test, for another day. How well will these new Texas Golds kill, compared to the old ones. Personally, given that I know they are made from the same jackets, core material and from the same dies, I am highly confident that theyll kill just the same. Ill report back on that, when Ive killed enough coyote with them to form a solid conclusion but Im expecting them to perform superbly on called coyote, just like the originals.

Do they shoot good enough? For coyote hunting, Id certainly say so. And, lets not forget, this is a new bullet maker. What I see in the dimensional and group data, is room for improvement.  After talking to Montana again this morning, it sounds like he was already way ahead of me on this he mentioned tightening up his process and dimensions before I even brought it up. Im betting any bullets he ships today, are even better than the ones tested here.  Ill be buying more of them, for sure.

Montana is a good friend and he is truly trying to build a better product for us all. Hes in this for the long haul.

Sounds good Burt. I think Montana mentioned he was going to be working with the s in a .HH himself. I might have to give them a try in my Mach IV.

Good information Dave! I look forward to seeing how they do on coyotes!

Thanks! And yup, the twist is good for the s.

The Nagels are some great bullets too. Kill coyote very well!

Frankly, given the variations in ogive, weight and diameter measured, I didnt expect them to shoot as well as the old ones. But they shot pretty well, just the same.

Thanks Chad! Happy to see you stopping by, appreciate the comment!

My pleasure Matt! Just hope I can get a few coyotes with them before I hang it up for the season.

Filed under. Predator, Golds,Coyote Bullets

The chrony data was interesting, as the new bullets averaged fps slower than the old ones. The differences in weight and diameter perhaps?

Excellent information and article. You have really helped Montana with your evaluations to improve his process and quality of future bullets which will help all of us.

So, I tell you all of this in order to empha that these groups should not be construed in any way, shape or form, as an attempt to find the accuracy potential of these bullets. I am absolutely certain that a more accurate rifle, a better group shooter, a more solid bench will yield smaller groups.  Im not a bench rest shooter and my . Predator is a sporter weight hunting rifle, not a benchrest rifle.

Montana Mize, of Hamilton, Texas now owns the original dies, along with a good supply of the long . J jackets needed to make the Golds and is in full production.  Note Montana is not the guy who originally bought the dies from Todd Kindler.  So, what you may have heard about the guy that bought them originally, does not apply to the new owner!

A couple more things worth mentioning. The new Golds had the same POI as the old ones a good thing if I want to switch between them. Also, after shooting the groups, I strapped the Magnetospeed on and ran four rounds of each bullet for chrony data. The eight shots formed a nice round group measuring ., not too shabby and again showing exactly the same POI.

Me too Eric! Thanks for stopping by, appreciate it!

Im also very interested in the .s too. A grain hollow point with a good B.C will be great for my . Ruger.

Until, that is, just a few weeks ago. The dies along with a supply of J jackets of the correct length for the Golds are back in production and the Gold is available again!

In the process of loading my last WD BTs over grains of Varget in the . Remington.

Two groups of each, honestly, isnt enough data to prove anything. But, with this rifle, since new, I have striven to keep punching and load work to an absolute minimum. After a little bit of load work when new, this rifle has scarcely touched in the years since, except for very occasional zero checks. Its for killing coyote, plain pure and . The barrel life on a hot rod like the . Predator is short. I intend that when this barrel is done, its short life will have been well lived, devoted to killing coyote. This one has . erosion already and definitely isnt as accurate as it once was.

I have never been a really good group shooter either. Competent, but no more than competent.

Id like to see a really sleek, tough, gr. boat tail in . caliber. Something to kill coyote as well or better than the Berger but with much better BC!

The only thing I was trying to find out, was how these bullets shoot compared to the old bullets, in this particular hunting rifle. Using the exact same load. Nothing more!

So, as I said, I was only interested in seeing how the new bullets shot, with the exact same load, compared to the new ones. In this short test, they didnt shoot quite as good.  But pretty close!

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But a few years ago, Todd stopped his ntastic bullets. He sold his dies and since then, there have been no more Golds. Guys regularly come on the predator hunting forums asking where to get them, to be met with the same sad answer every time, that the Gold had been relegated to unobtanium status.

By the way that Leupold .x in my opinion is the ideal western scope .

BTW Great Blog Dave. Really fun to read your stuff you are a wealth of knowledge

I have only one rifle I intend to use these bullets in, so all I wanted to know is how these new bullets shoot in my . Predator compared to the old ones. With just under , rounds through the bore and about . of throat erosion, this rifle has definitely lost a step and no longer has the guilt edged accuracy it had when new. About a year ago I added a Thunder Beast Ultra . suppressor to the rifle, all groups were shot suppressed. Scope is a Leupold ..

At this point, Ill mention that I have adjusted the seating depth of my load out over the years to follow the lands. But, Im out of neck. There is well less than a caliber of bullet shank in the neck. They are as long as Im comforle them for field use. Being able to seat the new ones . deeper didnt hurt my feelings one bit.

Posted inAccuracy,Coyote Hunting,Guns,Reloading,Varmint Hunting

Nice write up on the Goldsstill shooting Nagels but Im going to grab some of these to try.goldsGolds Are Back!

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The Golds Gym XR . gives you chiseled abs and a powerful core. You can easily target your upper body or lower body for ster, more defined results. Simply adjust the bench to incline, decline, or flat positions for specific exercises.

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Product Golds Gym XRS Olympic Workout Rack

Golds Gym XRS Olympic Workout Bench with Squat Rack

Product Golds Gym XR . Olympic Weight Bench

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Product Golds Gym XR . Adjusle Slant Workout Weight Bench

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Product Golds Gym XRS Olympic Workout Bench with Squat Rack

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Get totalbody training and incredible results with the Golds Gym XR . Bench. Featuring a multiposition bench that conveniently adjusts to flat, incline, and decline, the Golds Gym XR . Bench will give you a versatile and personalized workout for maximum results. Fixed uprights offer convenience and safety they hold up to lbs. of weight before and after your workout. Plus, you can develop your quads, hamstrings, and glutes with the padded roll leg developer. The Golds Gym XR . Bench also features sewn, vinyl seats and an exercise chart designed by a certified personal trainer.

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Product Golds Gym XRS Olympic Workout Bench

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Increase the effectiveness of your exercise routine with the Golds Gym XRS Olympic Workout Bench. The Golds Gym XRS Olympic Workout Bench comes with everything you need to sculpt and tone your body like the pros. The adjusle Golds Gym XRS Olympic Workout Bench is made of solid materials giving you a sturdy and sle platform. It has a sixroll leg developer, removable c yoke, and preacher pad. Additionally, you can adjust the Golds Gym XRS Olympic Workout Bench to accommodate your regimen into flat, incline, or decline positions as needed.

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